Vitaros Cream for ED: Alprostadil Information and Facts

Vitaros Cream is the first cream based medicine approved for Erectile Dysfunction or ED. It’s generic name is Alprostadil and is in topical cream formulation that only needs to be applied on the skin.

Alprostadil has been in use as cure for ED for some time now but this is the only time that it was used on cream form or as a topical form. Other Alprostadil based ED meds are Muse Suppository and Caverject Injections.

Vitaros cream has now been approved in Canada and has been submitted for approval in various countries in Europe, in the USA and others for approval.

If you want to know more information on Vitaros, please read the facts below:

Vitaros Cream will be sold first in Canada. Health Canada, the counter part of the US FDA, approved Vitaros in 2012 and sale of Vitaros in Canada is expected in 2013. Vitaros Cream has already submitted their approval forms to almost 100 countries that includes the US, various nations in Europe, Australiam, Asia and South America.

Vitaros Cream is a topical cream that patients apply to their organ minutes before sex. This is more convenient to use versus popular oral medication drugs like Viagra, Cialis or Levitra.

Since Vitaros cream is applied and absorbed in the skin, side effects are expected to be lower than oral medications as well as those of Alprostadil injections and suppositories.

Aside from having fewer side effects, Vitaros Cream is also proven to be safe for it was already tested on 3,300 patients. Some of these patients even have some issues in their prostate.

Vitaros cream was first tested to heal wounds. But due to its good action in increasing the blood flow on the area which the cream has applied, the new drug was further developed to be the next Erectile Dysfunction drug.

Vitaros does not contain Sidenafil or any active ingredients of Viagra, the leading ED drug today. Alprostadil however has been used in injections and suppositories in the past, both for ED use also.

Where to buy Vitaros Cream?

Vitaros Cream is expected to be sold in Canada by November 2013. Vitaros price is expected at 10 to 12 dollars per application, the same cost per pill like Viagra, Cialis or Levitra.

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